The trademark ROCKINGER was founded by the master smith Johann Rockinger in 1875. During the company’s expansion it has been specializing in technical development of trailer couplings.

Today, ROCKINGER is a global leader and supplies the automotive market with products of the highest quality.

The “safety coupling for HGVs”, the first fully automatic ROCKINGER trailer coupling, was developed in 1927. Since 2001 ROCKINGER has been acquired by JOST and thus ROCKINGER improved its international position.

The ROCKINGER product range includes couplings for each sphere of application: from standard to sensor hitches, remotely controlled hitches, KKS (automatic coupling systems) as well as hitches for highways, agricultural machinery and forestry. The product range also includes hook type couplings, couplings for carrier vehicles and trains or ball couplings. The products are certified to ISO 9001.

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