The company PE Automotive GmbH & Co. KG (trademark PE) offers a comprehensive range of commercial vehicle replacement parts from their own development department. Hermann Peters founded the company in 1947, selling the spare parts for motorbikes and cars.

In 1967 Jürgen Freitag the nephew of the founder took on the leadership and guided the company in anew direction by means of specialisation in replacement parts for commercial vehicles and worldwide sales. Today, PE is a family enterprises that is being guided by its owners.

With the highest of safety, quality and manufacturing standards, PE offers the spare parts under the trademark PE registered in 1979 and is one of the leading providers on the market for spare parts.

The almost 15.000 different PE products engender a high level of trust around the world, in both free and tied demanding workshops. With workshop-oriented product solutions, PE is an attractive option for all workshops wanting to repair every type of commercial vehicle.

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