Optibelt GmbH has been considered as a leading world manufacturer of high performance drive belts for automotive industry and agricultural machinery for over 125 years.
It is headquartered in Hӧxter, Germany.

More and more powerful and compact engines determine development trend of the company Optibelt, which creates comprehensive, complete drive systems with high-tech solutions. The parameters of quality for all Optibelt drive systems are: maximum service life, high power transmission, low noise level, rapid mounting, high reliability of products, optimal quality-price ratio, and minor maintenance costs.

Rubber, a unique material that has better properties for clutches, flexibility and shape retention, is the basis of the entire production. With different cord types, high tensile strength for power transmission is achieved.

Today, the trademark Optibelt offers:
1) V-belts;
2) ribbed belts;
3) banded belts;
4) CVT belts (for agricultural machinery).

Optibelt is an OEM supplier to МАN, Volvo, Mercedes, Renault, Porsche, BMW, VAG and others.

Excellent quality of Optibelt’s belts and theirs high transmission features are confirmed with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and guarantee high operational capabilities.

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