In 1883 Friedrich Fischer designed the ball grinder. This machine allows steel balls to be ground to an absolutely round state for the first time – and in large volumes. Thanks to this innovation, Friedrich Fischer lays the foundation for the entire rolling bearing industry. Thus, the worldwide success story of the ball bearing begins in Schweinfurt. Later, 1883 is officially declared the year in which the company was founded.

On July 29, the FAG brand is registered with the patent office in Berlin. The registered trademark FAG, which stands for Fischers Aktien-Gesellschaft, is protected in over 100 countries today.

In 2003 INA and FAG formed the Schaeffler Group. FAG has an extraordinarily broad wealth of expertise and all modern technologies needed to achieve the highest levels of economy and precision in manufacturing. In 63 plants across the globe, FAG manufacture high-precision products every day, ranging from 2 mm drawn cup needle roller bearings right through to large rolling bearings with diameters measuring 4.25 meters. FAG is one of the leading manufacturers of ball and roll bearings.

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