ECD (Turkey) has nearly 40 years’ experience in producing and selling spare parts for commercial vehicles.

Having started as a trader, the company then set up its own production of spare parts and repair kits for brake calipers.

ECD is continuously expanding its range of products to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Its supply range is unparalleled, comprising spare parts and repair kits for almost all brake calipers manufactured by KNORR, WABCO, MERITOR, IVECO, BPW, HALDEX, and Z-CAM systems listed in the ECD catalog. The company is currently exporting its products to a number of countries in Europe, America and Asia.

ECD successfully passed ISO 9001 2000 and ISO 9001 2008 certifications. Since its inception the company has always enjoyed a well-deserved trust of its customers worldwide

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