ContiTech (Germany) is a specialist in rubber and plastics technology. With its high-tech products and systems, ContiTech develops and supplies air springs, drive belts, air ducts and is OEM to the automotive industry and a number of other industries throughout the world. ContiTech is represented in more than 140 countries by its subsidiaries, regional sales offices and joint venture partners. ContiTech air springs are the #1 brand in the world. Almost all automotive brands, including Mercedes, Volvo, MAN, and DAF, use ContiTech air springs on their trucks, trailers and semi-trailers.

Located in Hanover (Germany), ContiTech is an independent part of the Continental AG Group, and contains more than 8 specialized branch departments.

While developing advanced production processes, ContiTech is backed by the experience and financial capacity of its AG Group partners. From air springs to flexible air ducts, from passenger compartment interiors to conveyor belts, from drive belts to rubber-metal vibration isolators – ContiTech products are everywhere.

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