We start the collaboration with the new brand TRW

Dear partners!
We start the collaboration with the new brand TRW.


TRW was established in 1901 in the USA, California.
More than 100 years of its existence, TRW has set its own exacting standards, is constantly innovating, thereby gaining a well-deserved reputation in terms of safety and durability.
In the 21st century, TRW’s achievements and innovations reflected complicating automotive world with its benefits of increased safety, productivity and efficiency, making full use of cutting-edge materials, electronics, and software.
Today, TRW is a global leader in automotive technology, producing one of the widest range of active and passive safety devices, from lane keeping assist system to the classic drum brakes. The cars of tomorrow will still be formed by the innovative spirit and rich heritage of the company TRW.
The company supplies brake system friction elements, details of the brakes and clutch hydraulics, suspension parts and steering, quality tested by time on the Ukrainian market.


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